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Our delighted students learned the True-Blue secrets of BBQ that other's would have
"Given Ya, but would then have had to Kill ya!"

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AM New York, August 27th, 2008
"The Joys of Smoking"
A Pitmaster's tips to barbecuing fall-off-the-bone meat

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If you have a group and would like to us to conduct a special training class for you...
Please contact us!

A custom designed “Pit Master" or
"How to Roast a Pig" training class

Give your Dad, Grand Dad, Grad or significant other a gift that truly keeps on giving - a custom designed “Pit Master” or “How to Roast a Pig” training class.

Joe Mizrahi, renowned Pit Master from Smokin' Joe's True-Blue Texas Barbecue will teach them everything they need to know to become Masters of their own Pits. Using his techniques and simple equipment your lucky ones will be preparing delicious, authentic, True-Blue BBQ or Pig Roasts right out of the gate.

Two sessions of our Pit Master classes are currently scheduled:

Saturday June 7th and July 12th, 2014
- 9:00 A.M. - 1:00 PM

The classes will he conducted at:

The Waterfront Ale House
155 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

For the Pit Master class Joe will demonstrate using samples of the primal BBQ cuts, conduct a BBQ sauce tasting and judging, discuss the woods and rubs that he uses and provide a tasting of delectable BBQ matched with a craft brew.

In a few short hours Joe will impart the “secrets” that other pit masters tell you (tongue-in-cheek), that “they would give you… but then they'd have to kill you!”  

Contact Smokin' Joe Mizrahi for details and to book one of these classes. The cost for the Pit Master class is $185.00 per person.

We can also custom deliver a class at a hosting home great for any occaision or group activity, especially Team Building too! (for groups of 8-10, smaller or larger groups can be arranged) - Contact us for details!

We also conduct: Pig Roast Classes

For the Pig Roast class Joe will bring the “guest of honor” and his roaster. You will learn how to prepare and roast a pig to a moist, succulent and mahogany-hued, crispy skin masterpiece.

BBQ Pitmaster University
The craving for truly great Barbecue has hit a fevered pitch in New York City. This culinary sensation, a staple of the South and the West for years has finally worked its way north of the Mason Dixon Line and the NJ Turnpike, replete with new BBQ “Joints” popping up every day, all over the city. Why travel to them, look for parking and wait on long lines (if the food is any good) when you can now learn the secrets that will make YOU an expert and culinary “Master of the Pit.”


Smokin' Joe's True-Blue Texas Barbecue's Pitmaster's University (PU)
brings the true Pitmaster's skills back to the “Art of Barbecue”. Our course is taught by a seasoned Memphis in May Certified Judge who is a:
  • Barbecue Professional with true-grit experience having cooked competition BBQ at such prestigious events as the “ International Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest ”.
  • Barbecue Judge at the world famous“Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitational Barbecue” and the “International Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest”.
  • Barbecue Cooking Instructor having successfully taught classes to home cooks and serious enthusiasts as on-staff instructor at New York City 's “New School Culinary Arts Program”.
  • Barbecue Caterer, the first of his breed in the Metropolitan New York area, with over 30+ years of BBQ cooking experience and critical acclaim to prove their expertise.

We will teach the home cook, BBQ enthusiast, the restauranteur looking to add BBQ to their menu or just plain you - “Joe or Jane BBQ Lover”, the following aspects of a Pitmaster’s skills:

  • We’ll start with a brief History of BarbecueDiscuss the difference between Grilling, Barbecuing and SmokingExplain the Basic Tools and Equipment used in BBQ cooking

  • Examine and demonstrate How-to-Use a Cooker/Pit, Weber or Water Smoker

  • Whether you’re a professional or novice, with or without equipment at home - our demonstrations will be presented on the popular Brinkman Electric, Bullet type Water-Smoker.

    …so that you’ll actually be able to use our techniques once you start practicing and perfecting your craft upon graduation!
  • We cover the BBQ Fuels, including: Lump Coal, Briquettes, Wood Logs – Hickory Oak, Mesquite, Wood Chips, and how to best start and maintain a fire.

  • We will introduce and provide the BBQ meats and teach you with some hands-on demonstration how to buy, trim, prepare and cook: Brisket, Pork Shoulder /Picnic and Baby Back and St. Louis-cut Ribs.

  • Spices, Rubs and Sauces: as these are truly a matter of regional style and taste we’ll present and let you sample several regional styles, and then we’ll teach you the basics on their preparation… You can decide on a favorite style and then customize as your own!

  • Low and Slow: Time and Temperature the most important skill to learn to help you produce consistent, quality BBQ. We’ll teach you how to tend your fire to maintain the proper temperature inside your smoker, how to determine the internal temperature of the various cuts of meat and to know when your BBQ is done, as some cuts are forgiving and others, not.

  • Side Dishes: We’ll discuss the popular ones, including our special “Pitmaster Beans” that cook along side your BBQ in the cooker.

  • Hold-on, not so fast, it’s taken this long There's lots of other "Stuff" – Like – Life-After-the-Smoker: How to “Hold cooked BBQ”, How to “Pull, Shred and Chop Pork”, How to “Trim and Slice Brisket” correctly and, there's No instruction necessary for Ribs - or are there?!
By the end of your class you will:
  • Have tasted truly great BBQ!
  • Have learned the Art of Barbecue and what it takes to earn the title of Pitmaster.
  • Have earned an honorary diploma acknowledging your degree of “MOP” - Master of the Pit from your Alma Mater Smokin’ Joe’s True-Blue Texas Barbecue Pitmaster’s University (SJTBTB-PU)

The Monster - 6" Pulled Pork Sandwich!

Updated May 3rd, 2013